Rocket Prototypes, Inc. can produce molds up to four feet in length and 20" diameter in house. We also stock a variety of urethanes for quick turnaround. Aside from this our inventory includes a variety of filler materials and low temperature alloys for creative casting alternatives to otherwise time savvy processes.
Molding and casting is best taken advantage of when multiple samples (1-100) are needed, and/or when specific material properties are desired. Molding and casting can also be used for the final production (on limited runs) or as bridge to production tooling.

The molding and casting process allows for multiple and exact reproductions to be made from a single master part. A silicone mold can generate between 10 to 50 parts depending on geometry.
  More so, the reproductions, or castings can be produced from a variety of materials with specific characteristics that are most desirable to the product. Some examples include a variety of durrometers from 20- to 80-shore D hardness, transparency, color, and plastic specific properties (i.e. elasticity, flexibility, heat deflection).on molded final product.