Rocket Prototypes, Inc. uses only the best acryla-thane based paints, produced by the Germany company Akzo Nobel. This system is capable of producing single stage and two stage finishes from a high gloss to no sheen finishes while offering quick dry times and remarkable durability.

Visualize Color Trends

Establish Color Direction

Create Finished Samples


Finishing is the 90% effort in the last 10% of the job. Finishing definitely makes or breaks the work. The finish (usually a painted surface) is often used to visualize colors, color breaks, textures, levels of gloss or sheen, graphics and tons more.

Color studies are by far the most common type of "finish work" requested. This enables an existing product or line to be refreshed and updated for customer specialization, or to simply set next years trends.

Product de-branding can also be achieved through finishing. This typically involves removing graphics, textures and/or brand identifying features such as molded text and logos. The typical reason for product de-branding is for focus group testing competing products.