Rocket Prototypes, Inc. is proud to operate Haas CNC Machine Centers. Our machines run 24 hours a day. This ensures that even while you sleep, progress is being made on your design.
CNC machining utilizes your 3D CAD files to machine parts from nearly any material. The advantages of this technology are simple: parts can be produced from production materials, tolerances can be held tight and turnaround time can often be quicker than any other prototyping technology.

Simple to moderate geometry can often be machined overnight and delivered/shipped the next day, and in some cases, even the same day. The ability to make a prototype from production materials, within tolerance, is by far the most advantageous aspect of CNC machining.

  Form, fit and function can be most accurately portrayed and product testing can begin prior to tooling release since there will be little discrepancy between the prototype's physical material properties and those of the injection molded final product.