Founded in 2005, Rocket Prototypes, Inc. has the distinction of offering over a decade of experience in the prototyping industry. Our clients are industry leaders, so in turn our prototypes must lead the industry. We do this by staying up to date on the latest tools, technologies, materials, software and processes. Our emphasis has always been making sure that our customers get their prototypes on time, within cost, and of showroom quality.

  Lance Potvin was born and raised in northern Minnesota, only an hour drive from Bemidji State University where he attended college. Majoring in Industrial Technology, with an emphasis on Manufacturing Technology and Model Making he actively participated in the Student Chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (S-182) and initiated the first ever Student Chapter of the Association of Professional Model Makers.

While attending classes, he also worked full time as a Manufacturing Engineer in a 300+ person factory designing semi-automated jigs and fixtures to aid in clutch and transmission assembly. 

Before graduating, he was fortunate to gain Model Making experience through a three-month internship at Motorola and a six-month co-op at Compaq Computers. After working on cell phones and laptops, Lance was brought into Sensormatic Electronics as one of the first ever “generalists” Model Makers.

Unfortunately, after the Tyco acquisition, his full time opportunity was lost. This turn of events presented a new opportunity to work at Applica Consumer Products, where he gained model shop management experience working on Black & Decker household appliances along an international team.
  In May of 2005, the executives of the small appliance manufacturing company made the decision to close the doors on their Model Shop (dumping overhead in preparation for a corporate merger). This landed Lance into a quiet, calm, and uneventful cubical job, that only lasted a few months. He needed to get his hands dirty again.

So, in November of that year, the name Rocket Prototypes, Inc. was registered with the state of Florida and Lance opened up the doors to the public. Since then, Rocket Prototypes, Inc has grown expanded into a full service model shop with a growing client list, great customers and talented staff committed to fueling the ideas that propel design.